Faith Products were Officialy launched in March 2012. Faith Water started as branded water for King SoMnala Tehillah Song; the water was branded for The Live Recording of "Its Time For Singing". After the music show; some took the empty bottles home and that is where miracles started to happen. Former King Somnala's Personal Assistant had taken the empty bottles to her home in INkandla when a family got sick and she gave her the water and they got healed
The T shirts which were also branded for the promotion of the music show were also used by some and started experiencing supernatural miracles. A Plentian woman who was attacked by an evil spirit that wanted her to be killed slept wearing the T shirt and the demon could not kill her as she slept wearing the T shirt. The evil spirit confessed that it could not kill her as she was having King Somnala's picture on the T shirt.
Thereafter more and more people started to demand Faith Products to the point that they even took posters which were to promote the music show just because it had King Somnala's picture. King Somnala  decided to ask the God of Plenty why people were using his name and pictures to experience the supernatural miracles and God answered him that He has chosen him to use anything branded his name.
Faith Water was the first Faith Product that was sold. King Somnala named it Faith Water because it was the water that worked through people's faith. It was first sold for R10 on 500ml bottles. It was packaged in house at the church premises which were at 95 Pine street Hollandia House. More and more people started witnessing miracles through Faith Water. More Faith Products were added as time went by. It was in 2013 when the Dept Of Health in KZN started to oppose the use of Faith Water as a cure of HIV. Faith Water then became very popular as it was on the National News Headlines. More and more people knew about Faith Products and new Embassies were then launched in various areas across the country. Faith Products Shops were also opened in several places for people to access them.
To this day God of Plenty continues to use Faith Products to confirm His anointing upon King Somnala.
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